Global Nomads: Challenges of mobility in the sedentary world

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Are you interested in Global Nomads? Päivi's research examines modern-day mobilities through global nomads. They represent one extreme of a continuum of mobilities that characterise contemporary societies including the mobility of peoples, objects, images, and information.Mobility has arguably increased in recent years. Travel and tourism constitute one of the largest industries in the world today, and virtual mobility allows people to cross spaces and shift between different fields of life. All these mobilities shape not only individuals but also societies constituting new citizenships that challenge existing economic, social, political, and cultural orders.
As the global nomads’ lifestyle is marked by continuous border-crossings and encounters with foreign cultures, they provide us with a revealing mirror of our society. They make visible societies’ norms and values regarding mobility and thus, through global nomads, we can understand where the world is now and where it might be heading.

Päivi's academic research (PhD Thesis) on is freely available for reading and downloading (the official PDF, PDF with hyperlinks and mobi) at
Global Nomads: Challenges of mobility in the sedentary world by Päivi Kannisto. Enjoy!