Sharing for profit: A new business model?

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In your opinion, is sharing economy a new business model?

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Unread post by Päivi » 2017-8-11 07:57

The sharing economy is believed to radically change consumer behaviour and disrupt business-as-usual, but does it really employ new business models? This article examines sharing economy business models by identifying customer engagement, monetisation and value links that reveal similarities and differences between the so-called ‘new’ and the ‘old’ economy. The focus is on tourism, which is one of the prime markets for peer-to-peer services.

The following link provides you free access to my newest research note in Annals of Tourism Research: Link is valid for 50 days, until September 29, 2017.


Sharing for profit: A new business model?
Annals of Tourism Research
Volume 66, September 2017, Pages 206-208


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the amount of Trust/confidence in a good determines the value someone is willing to pay :D

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Unread post by Päivi » 2017-9-2 08:04

Absolutely, and this is where it gets interesting because trust building is an under-examined field in the sharing economy. What makes people trust one firm/product/service rather than another, and how could firms build trust is not clear at all. In the light of extant empirical studies, it seems that the sharing economy customers are shopping around for good offers. They are not necessarily loyal to any firm or service, which some scholars regard as a consequence of trust. The sharing economy is still too young that we would know how and why customers behave as they do.