Mac: How to Play World of Tanks (WOT) Game

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Unread post by Santeri » 2024-1-3 12:27

World of Tanks works pretty well on Mac, but not on all MacOS versions and not always. You need to have MacOS Ventura 13.2.1. or older to run the game. All newer versions result black screen during installation and the game will not even start.
How to Play World of Tanks (WOT) Game on Mac Remember to disable updates on your Mac to keep the game running. The MacBook I am using updated itself causing the game to stop working, and I had to re-install 13.2.1. back and return backups to get it back working. Another requirement is to run the game only in Windowed mode. If you use full screen, the game will hang immediately.

Another issue is Steel hunter game mode. Whenever Steel hunter is active, entering a battle in a platoon will crash the game. You will have to restart client and it will take plenty of time. So, as long as you do not platoon during Steel hunter and keep your version 13.2.1. or below, the game work pretty nicely.

  • Use MacOS Ventura 13.2.1. or earlier.
  • Disable OS updates.
  • Use windowed mode only.
  • Don't platoon when Steel hunter game mode is active.
Before you install the game, make sure to select the correct area version (EU, RU, ASIA, US). The version you get depends on which WOT website you use. If you want to play in multiple areas, you need to install multiple versions. Codeweavers Mac wrapper for World of Tanks.