Messed-up football by the World of No Thanks

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Unread post by Santeri » 2018-7-9 19:29

In this game recording video you can see a tank vanishing inside the walls of the football stadium. The only way to get him back was to let the enemy team score.
The whole football tournament was a game of bots. If you played alone and you got a bot in your team, it was almost automatic loss. There were plenty of bots that just started the game and did nothing. Some more advanced were driving around or even shooting at walls. The other type of bots, aim bots, became a nuisance if you played with a full team. The team with better aim bots won. Some players never missed a shot which is not really possible even for the most skilled players without programmed aids. These problems are actually not only in football mode. The policy of prioritising new features over fixing existing, known bugs is annoying and bots makes playing unpleasant in all game modes and every MMO game, not just the World of Tanks.

I hope WoT got what they wanted out of the football game mode. It inspired me to start searching for a new game to waste my time with. Right now I am checking out SWTOR. All suggestions are most welcome!