Some World of Tanks games are impossible to win (or lose)

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Everyone who has played World of Tanks a bit longer have noticed that from time to time you get games you can't win or can't lose. I have named those rigged shit games. The amount of them varies from server to server. If there are less than 10.000 players online, I tend to get more of them. And if the server is dying like North America (NA) or SEA (South East Asia) there are more rigging. Sometimes as much as 1/3 of all games are rigged, but normally the amount is around 1/10 or so. There are certain conditions when I have received more rigged games than usually.

  • playing with a new tank
  • under 100% crew
  • just before and after a tank get's elited (fully researched)
    [*just before and after my crew reaches 100% or a perk or skill
  • when a premium account has just expired (this can last up to one day)
  • when a tank is elited
  • when I get mastery
  • when my crew reaches 100% or a perk or skill
  • with premium account (a very subtle improvement)
Here is a perfect example of a rigged game. I played it on EU1 server last night, it was tier 2-3 battle, I was playing tier 2 M2 light, and my crew was close to getting a new perk. Our platoon had good players and they also suffered from that rigged shit game I was causing.
You can clearly see on that clip the terrible lag with both sound and video. It is typical for rigged-to-lose games. Another characteristics include:
  • your shots miss, no matter if they are fully aimed and enemy is filling the aiming circle
  • those shots that hit do not penetrate
  • your aim seems to be avoiding targets
  • all game controls are sluggish
  • all enemy shots penetrate and hit you even if you are in cover

Rigged-to-win games

When you are on rigged-to-win game all shots are penetrating, even the most ridiculous and aimed-to-miss shots, there is no lag and your tank is moving like a ballet dancer dodging all bullets. Rigged-to-win games are usually preceded and followed by least 2-3 lost games. Perhaps this is to balance the lucky ACE moment game you are being served. Sometimes they even show you a special offer dialog after such game to sell some stuff. You can not win all the time as that would be bad for business and someone has to always lose, too. It is not the good players who keep using most money for the game but the average and poor players. And they need their ACE moments to keep spending for gold and premium tanks. This is only natural.

The most ridiculous rigged game happened to me on NA server several years ago. I was in clan wars with my E100 and shooting ACPR like everyone does. There is a WT-e100 with paper it's thin armor and I shot 3 non-penerating shots to it's side in a row.

I advice you not to discuss this matter in WoT forums. You will only get attacked by WG staff, then censored and finally banned. The same happens with in-game chat. This forum is beyond the reach of WG so feel free to share your thoughts with me and please do challenge my views. The only thing I like even more than a good debate is changing my opinions thanks to someone convincing me to think differently.

In a nutshell

Nobody likes to play a game where you always lose and all the money you spend does not make any change. On the hand, nobody likes to play rigged games either. What's the point in playing if victories can be bought and skill does not matter at all? WG should stop rigging games and settle to a bit lower profits for the sake of fairness unless they want to keep running a pay-to-win game.