Bank run: N26 is withholding their customers' money

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Ex customer

Unread post by Ex customer » 2024-1-21 11:08

If you have any money on your N26 account, now is a good time to withdraw it and close your account. N26 closing accounts arbitrarily is likely to cause a bank run. Because N26 is already in a weak position thanks to bleeding money, it is particularly vulnerable to a bank run, in which case their customers will have to wait for months or years to get part of their money back from the deposit insurance.

What is happening in N26?

N26 is blocking accounts, freezing cards and disabling apps from their customers en masse. The only way to claim back your assets is sending them mail, unless you want to give them permission to share your private data using insecure emails. Even with permission, they are doing everything in their power to keep the money and insisting ever more "proof" of your account in another bank which frankly sounds like data harvesting. Requirements keep changing, they do not trust their ex-customers, and everything takes a lot of time.

If you want to fight back, a German lawyer is offering their services and information: N26 Bank Terminates Accounts.

There are no prior notifications of any issues, warnings, nor explanation, just the following email informing that the account has been cancelled:
Subject: Cancellation of your account


To ensure our customers’ privacy and account safety, we are obligated to run routine checks on accounts and transactions.

As part of these checks, we have identified irregularities that require us to terminate your N26 account pursuant to the Termination Clause of the Terms and Conditions of your N26 account on an extraordinary basis and without prior notice.

This termination is effective immediately. Usage of your N26 account, app, and card is no longer possible.

It is currently not possible to withdraw or transfer the remaining balance on your N26 account.

For us to release and return your funds, please provide us with the details of an alternative bank account so that we can initiate a transfer of your remaining balance. Please send us one of the following documents:
  • A salary slip or payslip in your name showing details of your account, including the IBAN and BIC of the account
  • A confirmation of the bank account being opened in your name, including the IBAN and BIC of the account
  • A bank statement of a bank account where you are the account holder that shows the IBAN and BIC.
If your account has a negative balance at the time of closure or you still have open Credit Products (Consumer Credit or Installment Loan) you are still obligated to balance your account and pay the remaining open debt in accordance with our terms and conditions. For assistance with balancing your open debts we advise that you contact our Customer Service team via our Support Chat.

When we have received these documents we will then assess whether a payout of the remaining balance is possible.

You can send these documents to us by responding directly to this email with either a scan or a photo attached, or by sending a printed copy via postal mail, ensuring that all account information is clear and legible in the document or photo shared. Please understand that we are only able to release funds to bank accounts held in your name, and registered in one of the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countries.

If you choose to provide the information via email, do note that by default, our system is designed to protect email delivery through TLS encryption. This means that if your email server accepts an inbound TLS encryption, the emails you exchange with us are encrypted over the network (end-to-end). If your email server does not support TLS encryption, the email you send us may not be encrypted and thus we advise you to use the physical postal delivery option which will be a safer way to exchange information. N26 Postal address is as follows:

N26 AG, Voltairestr. 8, 10179 Berlin.

If you choose email delivery, we will need your explicit authorisation to do so, so please include the following statement in your email reply:

"I authorise N26 Bank to exchange my personal data with me via email."

Note that you can withdraw the authorization to exchange personal data via email at any time. In that case, we'll communicate exclusively via post. Our team remains available to support you if you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding.

One last thing—you’ll need to request your N26 data or your Statement of Fees information. You can request this for up to six months after your account closure, but we recommend doing it as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Your N26 Team
Good luck if you wish to continue with N26, you will need it!

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