phishing attack: "Reservation messages waiting for you"

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Unread post by Santeri » 2023-4-18 19:52

There is an ongoing phishing attack to steal logins and passwords. Phishing emails are being sent to that contain links to phishing websites that look like website login page, that saves logins and passwords for the attackers.

Here is how a typical phishing email looks like:
Subject: 1 Reservation messages waiting for you
Sender: <>
Confirmation number: 7635467

You have 1 messages waiting for a response

Hi contact,

Looks like you've had new Reservation messages since yesterday. Catch up on your inbox and quickly reply to your guests with the link below.

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Emails look like this:
Image If any of the links on the email is clicked, they will lead to this fake website used for stealing logins and passwords:
Image Don't let hackers or scam you!

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