HOWTO: Delete Permanently Your Couchsurfing Account And Profile

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Re: HOWTO: Delete Permanently Your Couchsurfing Account And Profile

Unread post by Ex user » 2021-7-29 19:39

Couchsurfing is nowadays ransomware.


Couch Surfing is having app reviews removed

Unread post by Julia » 2021-7-30 22:39

One of the best Couch Surfing app reviews I have seen just vanished:
This app works like ransomware. It will hijack your profile to blackmail money for deleting, accessing or changing it. Meanwhile, they keep your profile visible to everyone so that others do not know that you are not able to reply to their messages or to write to your profile that you have no access to the system. If you make the mistake of paying them, they will add recurring charges to your credit card without your permission and there are no means to stop those payments. When you contact their support, they will not answer. This app was originally free and made by the community. Then a few team members stole the app and sold it to an investor who is now using it to scam money from people. Beware of this malware!
Image Patrick Dugan must be pissing his pants :P


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