HOWTO: Delete Permanently Your Couchsurfing Account And Profile

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Unread post by Santeri » 2020-5-27 05:06

Couchsurfing, or Cash$urfing as the corporation is nowadays known, took many accounts hostage and started to blackmail money users to let them back. If you do not want the history to repeat it self and be part of their sting, it is time to have your account deleted permanently. Why this happened now? Because their verification scheme stopped working well enough thanks to corona virus mass hysteria. Image Although GDPR should provide users right to access, modify, download and delete their information, that is not the case with Cash$urfing. They did not want to take the risk that someone could delete their profile without paying the ransom first. Here are instructions how you can circumvent their paywall and get your profile deleted as soon as possible. You simply have to make it enough damaging for them to keep it.
  1. Inform all your friends in C$ that you are leaving and tell them why by sending them messages from Cash$urfing, for example
    Howdy folks,

    Couch$urfing has started to blackmail money from users. I do not want to be part of that and have moved to trustroots and bewelcome. My profile will hopefully be soon deleted as well. This does not mean that I do not want to see you again and keep in touch.

    Here is my contact information:
    - Email:
    - Telephone: +01234567
    - Location:

    I am currently in Transsilvania with Count Dracula and we would love to host you in my castle.

    Best regards,

    John Doe
  2. Ask support at to send you a full copy of your data and wait until you get it
  3. Remove all the data from your profile
  4. Change your profile address to mock C$ and don't save dirty words, for example couchsurfingsucksass
  5. Change group names of groups you moderate to "DELETED"
  6. Change your name in you profile to "DELETED DELETED"
  7. Post to your profile information why you left C$, where you went and tell people that you have requested your profile to be deleted but C$ apparently does not comply with GDPR if the profile is still visible, and leave your email address so that people can contact and inform you about the breach, and finally
  8. Make your couch available in a major big city in the world for maximum visibility
  9. Leave a 1-star review for their app.
After that you can email their support at and ask profile to be deleted. The longer they keep your profile hostage in their system, the more damage they will sustain. This works only if your account is not already behind the paywall. If you are already locked out, you can ask C$ support to make these changes for you manually and according to GDPR they must comply. Image You know you have succeeded, when you receive the following email from them:
Important message from the Trust & Safety Team


We are contacting you on behalf of the Safety Team regarding your use of Couchsurfing. It appears that
either you have been using Couchsurfing with commercial or promotional intention, or members have
perceived that you are using Couchsurfing for this purpose.

We ask that all members make absolutely no commercial or promotional use of Couchsurfing, as it's
against our Policies ( and Terms of Use
( For more information on what is considered commercial use,
please read this article.

Based on this behavior, we have deactivated your profile and request that you use other services for your

Couchsurfing Trust and Safety


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Worked. Thanks!


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I got the notice yes, but how can you be sure they really deleted everything and not just "inactivated" and hid it?


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Greedy bastards.


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It is impossible to use couchsurfing anymore. When you send request you can not know if the host is locked out and can't respond to your requests. This means paying couchsurfing for access is useless. If you host, nobody will anyway travel because of the virus and if you surf, hosts can not answer to requests because they have no access. I bet is couchsurfing has fallen and this is their final cash grab before shutting down.



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Santeri wrote:
2020-5-27 05:06
Nice job with reviews. Review rating average is down from 4.2 to 4.0. Remember to thumb up all 1-stars and spam report and unhelpful all 5-stars. Can't wait the app to hit below 3!



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When you write bewelcome to message account get suspend. Better give only contacts informations.

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Unread post by Former CashSurfer » 2020-8-10 15:57

Looks like their are not deleting any data although they promise they have. They got hacked and 17 million user records got stolen although they only have some 12 million users.


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Why so angry to couchsurfing? They paid me good money for giving apps reviews.


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Can't wait to see 3.3 :)


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Couchsurfing devs are writing app reviews for their own app and then thanking themselves for the reviews


With a little bit more effort someone might even get fooled. If you filter all 5-stars, you'll quickly notice they are nothing but spam.