Living the Georgian Dream in Batumi, Georgia

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If you are going to a house warming party in Georgia or moving to your flat, a perfect gift is hearing protectors. They will help to keep sanity and protect hearing when the destruction starts. We are rather leaving Batumi than trying to search another flat here if we want or have to move out from the current flat. This has been one of the most difficult cities in the world to rent a flat and so far we have been travelling and living in over 100 countries all over the world.

An American customer was complaining at Hilton Batumi that their room smells like sewer. The cleaner replied that it's the customer who smells bad, not the room. Gotta admit, that there is some sewage smell everywhere in Batumi during low pressure. Why such things are happening? Local level of education is competing head-to-head with African Sierra Leone in the World Bank's Quality of the education system ranking (TCdata360) and life in Georgia feels often like living with hobbits in the Shire. There is good and bad in that. Bad is that if you stress and want better quality, you will get really frustrated as it is not available. Good is people are more relaxed and don't really care much, unless they feel offended or are really drunk. In the latter case they might become loud, and really aggressive, even violent and dangerous. Still, what could be a better place for white Caucasians to live then Caucasus, the true racial home of our ancestors if we refuse to accept that we all came originally from Africa.

How to invest in real estate, buy or rent a flat in Batumi, Georgia?