Magical electricity meter in Batumi, Georgia

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In our previous flat the landlady had wired our electricity meter so that it was supplying electricity to her own flat as well. Before we took the flat, we asked her to show us our meter and her meter. Later we were wondering why our electricity bill is higher than in Tbilisi when electricity was supposed to be cheaper in Batumi. We travelled to Finland for 3 weeks and during that period our bill had doubled compared to earlier months. We contacted Energo-PRO and asked them to check if the meter was broken.
Image Sneaky Energo-PRO made a report in which they confirmed that the meter is functional, but made it for another electricity meter, not the one we requested. When we confronted our landlady and Energo-PRO they finally admitted the fraud. Luckily our landlady also was renting us the flat illegally so we got to stay there an extra month to cover our deposit which she could not return as she did not have any money. It looks like Georgians never have any money when they are supposed to pay something. We had been paying for the electricity in her flat 30-40 GEL per month when the normal bill for a 2-room flat is around 10-20 GEL/month.

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