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Unread post by Santeri » 2021-3-17 00:53

Buying a laptop can be tricky business in Georgia. Multimedia and Business Computers MBC ( sold a laptop without a Cyrillic keyboard that had a Cyrillic keyboard and claimed that HP international warranty does not apply to Georgia. To make that up, they refused to give a symbolic compensation just blaming HP for their mistakes.
Image Before I ordered the laptop, I verified from you that it does not have a Cyrillic keyboard. I asked about the Cyrillic keyboard on Facebook and I was promised that the laptop does not have Cyrillic keyboard:
- ME 27 Feb 2021, 16:33: Does it have cyrillic keys in keyboard?
- MBC 27 Feb 2021, 16:38 About cyrillic keys I need to check
- ME 27 Feb 2021, 16:38 OK, please check. I hope there are no cyrillic keys.
- MBC 27 Feb 2021, 18:03 As far as we know, these models does not have cyrillic keyboard
- MBC 1 Mar 2021, 23:51 Hi. No cyrillic keyboard, but because of pandemic difficulties, we will only be able to deliver laptop in approx 10-12 days
- ME 1 Mar 2021, 23:55 Thanks for checking the cyrillic keyboard.
If they had told me about the cyrillic keyboard before I purchased it, I would have bought it elsewhere.

They forgot to put the receipt in the package so I could not update the warranty. When I asked them to provide me the receipt electronically for updating warranty, they refused claiming that the date can not be changed and in this region international warranty does not apply:
- MBC 12 Mar 2020 15:46 we understand that now. Hp in this region do not change warranty status in their system. We have already checked it with our vendor. Such changes only apply on server products. One year warranty is based on a warranty voucher, which came with the package we sent.
Image After pointing out that HP has the same international warranty practices all over the world and I have dealt with them also in India and Singapore, they replied:
- MBC 12 Mar 2020 15:46 It may be. but we are talking about Georgian regiion. Same warranty terms apply, but it is organized different way
They sent the missing receipt by mail. I went to the post office asking for the letter. Yes, in Georgia if you are expecting a letter you need to try to find it from the post office if you ever want to receive it. When I asked the post office, they told me they had some 10 day backlog processing letters and finally they found it.

As I do not speak Georgian or Russian, I tried first with HP Finland. They simply closed my tickets. Next I tried HP USA which refused to help me. After I said him I do not speak Russian, the Indian tech support guy bluntly told me to contact their support in Russia and gave me a broken link to the Russian support page. Russian support finally replied refusing to speak any other language. After 2 hours of discussion using translator, they finally managed to update the warranty date and now all is good.
Image Here is the final message from MBC:
- MBC 16 Mar 2020 19:32 Once again we ask you to return laptop back in it’s original condition. This is what we offered you before. We hope, you will succeed with other Computer companies with your purchase. This is all we can offer.
📌 you must present the device with an undamaged box, full packaging, and without any mechanical damage, physical defect or scratches.
I guess it's time to start learning Russian now with the help of the Cyrillic keyboard!