Apple warranty extension scam in Best Buy Toronto, Canada

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Unread post by Santeri » 2023-3-9 02:39

Best Buy is offering extended protection for their products. When it comes to Apple products, they present it like an official extension of Apple warranty that gives customers global coverage. However, this "extension" has nothing to do with Apple and "global" means only countries where Best Buy operates which is USA and Canada, a tiny part of the world.


If they manage to scam you to buy the extension, the only way to cancel it is to visit personally in their stop. This means, that if you already left Canada you will be stuck with their scam product forever and will never get anything back for the money you paid, unless you want to buy to flight to Canada and visit there local Best Buy to enjoy your "global extended warranty".


I doubt that customers who get swindled will continue using Best Buy.