Ryanair - Always Getting Worse

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Unread post by Santeri » 2019-11-21 20:45

We used Ryanair the last time 12 years ago. They confiscated our camping cooker burner because there had been at some point flammable liquid although it had been carefully washed with water. That burner had flown with us already twice around the world without any problems. Fool me once, shame on you.

This time we though there must have been some progress because the airlines still existed and we decided to give it another try. Meanwhile Ryanair had developed some fun new ways to keep their customers busy and maximise their uncomfort. The first invention was to require online check-in allowing it to be done only 48 hours before the flight. This means that if you have for example multi-legged flight like we did, you need make check-ins one by one for each flight on the road: find internet to do it and then find a print shop to print the ticket. With a small fee you can avoid this uncomfort.

The second, even more annoying stunt was separating people who bought tickets together from each other. Although on the plane I discovered that there was an empty seat by my seat, Päivi was placed to the other end of the plane and the check-in page happily announced us that "You're sitting apart" asking for an extra fee for removing this uncomfort.

Needless to say, the luggage policy and charges are equally uncomfortable. If you add up all these uncomfort fees, Ryanair is no longer competitive and you are better off flying with any other airline. Fool me twice, shame on me.

75% of the boarding pass is covered with spam. Unless you edit the PDF, you end up wasting paper and polluting the planet for nothing. If they were truly as "green" as they claim to be, they would stop immediately wasting paper and ink on printing useless spam.