Why Is Secure Healthcare Texting Important for Medical Practices?

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Texting has the potential to revolutionize communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Patients prefer to text their physicians rather than call them multiple times to schedule appointments or ask questions. Sending a text is much more convenient than waiting 30 minutes on hold while a staff member talks to another patient.

While there are plenty of upsides to texting for patients, it’s healthcare providers that get the most out of implementing texting solutions.

Using texts, healthcare providers can streamline day-to-day tasks, such as:

Scheduling appointments
Sending visit summaries
Answering patient inquiries
Sending appointment reminders
An integrated texting solution can help reduce the workload in a clinic, freeing up more time to admit and provide care to patients. By increasing the number of patients you can admit, you’ll also increase your clinic’s revenue.

Source: https://curogram.com/blog/healthcare-secure-texting

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[b]Common Issues With Non-Secure Healthcare Texting[/b]

Many healthcare providers use non-secure texting features to communicate with their patients. Texting patients with apps that don’t integrate with your EHR comes with more downsides than benefits in the long run. Here are a few of the most common issues that can arise from using texting without a secure platform:

Workload increases
Audit difficulties
Human error
[b]Texting Without Integration With Telemedicine Solutions Increases the Workload[/b]
The data you receive via text has to end up in your clinic’s EHR or practice management system. Without an integrated texting platform, there’s no way to upload the data automatically. It’s up to the clinic staff to transcribe texts manually and enter information into your EHR.

Instead of reducing the overall workload in your clinic, the texting solution would only produce additional administrative work.

Source: [url]https://curogram.com/blog/healthcare-secure-texting[/url]

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What makes texting so appealing to healthcare providers? There are numerous statistics that show the benefits of using texting over other communication methods, such as email or phone calls.

Did you know that people read over 90% of the texts they receive within three minutes? When you compare this to phone calls—which people only answer half the time—it’s easy to see why texting is seen as a more reliable option. Phone calls take time and require synchronous communication. When texting, patients and physicians can reply to messages when it’s most convenient for them.

Integrating a texting platform can provide the following benefits to healthcare providers:

[list=]Improved scheduling
Less work for staff
Improved preventative care
Reduced number of patient no-shows[/list]

Source:[url] https://curogram.com/blog/healthcare-secure-texting[/url]

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Schedule Appointments With Ease

Scheduling appointments can be a major hassle, especially for healthcare providers who admit hundreds of patients daily. When a patient tries to set up a visit, physicians have to check their schedule, suggest time slots, wait for the patient to choose a time that suits them, and only then set a date.

Texting solutions can simplify the process drastically. Physicians don’t have to check their schedules or inform patients of available time slots. All they have to do is send a text. The patient can check their schedule and reply with a set date when it suits them.

Curogram can streamline the process further by allowing patients to choose time slots and updating the physician’s schedule automatically. Doctors would no longer have to spend hours on the phone with patients to set up appointments.