XOX (xox.com.my) Is Stealing Online Payments

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Unread post by Santeri » 2023-6-27 07:57

Malaysian mobile phone operator XOX (xox.com.my) has an online store for selling mobile subscriptions e-sim.


Their online web shop is broken. When you order a product and have paid for it, their online shops crashes and hangs before returning to the online shop to deliver the product. You will just receive an 500 error stating that their system is down without payment confirmation, receipt or the product you paid for.


If you contact XOX support and ask for refund, they tell you that you need to provide them payment confirmation from their online ordering system which you never received. That is the only way to get refund. So basically they just steal your money and you have no way of getting it back. Sending them the payment slip from your bank is not enough and they refuse to return the money.

Nice business, XOX Malaysia (xox.com.my), stealing online payments without having to actually deliver anything.

If you use XOX Malaysia, get will get scammed and lose your money.