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Why COVID-19 is a lot more dangerous than we think?

Posted: 2021-4-29 05:02
by Santeri
According to these statistics, COVID-19 death rate is 3.5 times higher than seasonal flu. Based on John Hopkins Medicine, almost 7 times more people have died to COVID-19 than flu-related cases annually. This clearly proves that COVID-19 is way more lethal than seasonal flu.

What makes COVID-19 more dangerous than seasonal influenza?

Based on Our Wold in Data, the most common way of performing a test of the first type is with a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. WHO has based their PCR testing recommendations (referrence 1) on this research paper: Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR. The paper was peer-reviewed in twenty-four hours which is simply not enough to carry out a thorough peer review. Two authors of the paper, Christian Drosten and Chantal Reusken, were also members of the editorial board of this journal.

Based on an external review, the paper and WHO recommendations based on the paper, are based on major scientific flaws. The review claims that the probability of a false positive PCR test to be as high as 97%.

If the claim is valid, then all COVID-19 death and infection statistics should be divided by 33 to take the flaw in account. This would be that COVID-19 death rate is actually 10 times lower than seasonal flu. And for example the number of people hospitalised in France was 17 times higher in case of seasonal influenza compared to COVID-19.


As you can see from the graph above, the number of seasonal influenza deaths is significantly higher than the number of corrected COVID-19 deaths. The corrections were made by dividing the published numbers by 33 to take in account the 97% probability of false positives. The statistics were provided by The Harvard Dataverse Repository and WHO.

What are the implications if this is true?
  • One corrupt scientific paper can derail the whole world and there are no means to detect or prevent that:
    • Search engines are blocking criticism and critical views based on commercial interests.
    • Sharing or discussing anything meaningful is futile on Social media thanks to censorship.
    • Media has not exposed this corruption although all this information has been publicly available for over 1 year.
    • Critical thinking has been ridiculed as conspiracy theories.
  • The excessive deaths must have been caused by lockdows and other protective measures.
  • Over 1 billion people have been exposed to experimental vaccines without prior knowledge of possible long-term side-effects.
  • Making profit is more important than our health and happiness.
  • Our societies are very vulnerable to the commercial interests of the Big Pharma.
  • Next next crisis may well be the last one if we allow history to repeat itself.
Image These implications pose more serious threat than the pandemic or the possibility of COVID-19 mutations.

Re: Why COVID-19 is a lot more dangerous than we think?

Posted: 2021-5-3 13:34
by Nathan
World Horror Organization

Re: Why COVID-19 is a lot more dangerous than we think?

Posted: 2021-5-7 13:00
by Malthus
COVID-19 vaccines are a very good thing. This will help to cull the gullible. There is way too many of them anyway.

Re: Why COVID-19 is a lot more dangerous than we think?

Posted: 2021-5-10 02:47
by Microsoft fan
Will Bill Gates fund next a vaccination against pedophilia to save his marriage?

Re: Why COVID-19 is a lot more dangerous than we think?

Posted: 2021-5-13 15:01
by Guest
The future will not be controlled by the Big Tech, because we are already controlled by the Big Pharma.

Re: Why COVID-19 is a lot more dangerous than we think?

Posted: 2021-5-17 06:51
by Guest
Looks like Bill's penis might save us all from his COVID-19 pseudo pandemia!