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How to play World of Tanks without Wargaming Game center

Posted: 2019-11-5 06:30
by Santeri
Last year Wargaming introduced to the players on Russian servers Wargaming Game Center (WGGC). I installed it and it immediately messed up my Windows 7 so badly that I had to reinstall it. Unfortunately WGGC was not optional so I had no other option but to move on EU servers. Yesterday Wargaming announced that WGGC must be used in EU, too, starting from today. I found the following way to install, play and update the game without WGGC and I have been testing it for a few weeks now on Russian servers without any problems.

How to play World of Tanks without Wargaming Game center?

First you need to download and run one of the following legacy installers depending on your region:
After you have installed World of Tanks with the installer, you can start the game by running the following executable for the installation directory which you selected during the installation:

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World of Tanks will not start if there are new updates available. In that case you need to first run this legacy updater to update your client:

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This way you will be able to play World of Tanks without Wargaming Game center.

Instructions for changing the language your World of Tanks client

WGGC is dangerous bloatware, spyware, and adware

After the crash I started investigating WGGC and noticed that it is checking computer and sending data back to Russians. The installation package is rather big and includes a lot of unnecessary functionality making it less secure than the old, simple launcher. WGGC is also spamming advertisements just like malware. I understand that Wargaming needs to spam and spy players, but if the price is introducing security vulnerabilities, is it really worth the risk? Or losing players who do not want to get their computers messed up? I don't think so.

Re: How to play World of Tanks without Wargaming Game center

Posted: 2019-12-10 16:18
by NickelB
i downloaded your file, and when it started to install it went right trought the shit of getting to game center, so it still does not work.

Re: How to play World of Tanks without Wargaming Game center

Posted: 2019-12-11 08:19
by Santeri
Hi NickelB, thanks for sharing your experience. Same happened to me. After it had downloaded and installed WGC, it messed up my computer again. I uninstalled the game and quit playing it. Unfortunately it's not worth the shit they are putting us through.