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I Hope Fallout 76 Will Not Be The Last Fallout

Posted: 2019-12-16 18:59
by Santeri
Bethesda had a free trial of Fallout 76 action RPG this weekend. I have been a huge fan of Fallout series since the first release so I had to try it. To finish the first game, I had to edit data files and fix a bunch of bugs. The game was so good that I didn't mind spending a few weeks to study the internals and reverse engineer it.

I was interested in the newest release, Fallout 76, from the beginning, but as it was not available for free so it was out of my reach until now. The graphics looked nice, but the spirit of the game was gone. There were no NPCs to talk to, to team up with, and to carry on the story. It is just boring kill-loot-sell-grind. There was not much interaction with other human players which is usually the reason for making online multiplayer games. Someone waved me, one guy hit me a few times while passing by, and I killed a few monsters with another guy who just happened to be there at the same time before he vanished. Loader and the game itself crashed about 10 times but that was nothing new and reboot helped. I didn't ever bother to try PvP thanks to the pay-to-win nature of the atom store.
Image The camp building, which was introduced in Fallout 4, was pretty meaningless for an adventure game where you are supposed to adventure around, find new places and NPCs, and complete quests. Also, the overly complicated perk system does not do any good for the game. Older Fallout games worked perfectly without camps, complex perks, and in general building things.

In 2 days I got to level 10, killed a couple hundred monsters, completed a few quests, and understood that I am not missing anything by not having this game. I would not play it even if it was free to play. It was actually pretty sad to see the latest Fallout. I do hope Bethesda will continue making off-line Fallout games and bury the online version so that it will not become the end-of-the-line for the awesome Fallout series.

Re: I Hope Fallout 76 Will Not Be The Last Fallout

Posted: 2020-10-25 05:12
by Santeri
There was another free to play week this week and I gave it a try. It was better with NPCs, but the game did not suck me in like the previous Fallout game and I ended up uninstalling it before the trial week was over.

Maybe, if the game was permanently free to play, I might give it another try.