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Apple forcing iOS updates to iPhones is as bad as Microsoft

Posted: 2023-7-14 02:27
by Santeri
Microsoft has been pushing updates to users a long time even if updates have been disabled and blocked. They for. example practically forced all Windows 7 users to update their computers which rendered many computers messed up and filled hard drives with automatically loaded update files. Windows PCs also constantly get the network stuck when loading unwanted updates, or interrupt work when the update starts. And after update you may find your PC so messed up that it does not even boot anymore. Apple has been better is this sense and respected users' choise of not wanting their devices messed up with updates.
How to disable all updates in iOS Apparantly this changed with iOS 16.5.1 update which was, according to Apple, some sort of emergency fixing some security holes they had made to their webview component, a platform-native view that they use to incorporate web content seamlessly into app’s UI. It supports a full web-browsing experience, and presents HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I had updates and security updates all disabled on an iPhone 13 and yet it got updated overnight. After the fiasco with MacOS Ventura 13.4 updates that broken practically everything while fixing nothing, I have wanted to test all updates first before accepting them to any critical devices. If that will be no longer possible, and especially if Apple starts to coerce updates also for MacOS, they have become just as bad as Microsoft and that is likely to driver some of the users away. Naturally the Apple sheep, which appear to represent the majority of Apple customers, keep wondering what happened and blaming themselves.
The majority of Apple users appear to be sheeps and idiots The Apple sheep don't really realise how bad this is. Soon they might be forced to install whatever Apple is releasing, and their computers and phones will start downloading updates getting their internet connections stuck, and installing updates when they are in the middle of doing something. And when the update has finally installed, their system will be so broken that they don't not even boot anymore. All this, just so that Apple can keep pushing whatever malware, adware or bloatware they may want to distribute, or hackers use the bugs in the forced update system to infest Apple devices. Act now and protest Apple, unless want that Apple OSs become as useless as Microsoft's.

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Re: Apple forcing iOS updates to iPhones is as bad as Microsoft

Posted: 2023-7-14 15:23
by Santeri
Looks like Apple has no interest in allowing this topic to be discussed, which means it will never get fixed either. Time to start looking for alternatives to iOS. Pity.
Apple is censoring talking about forced updates in their discussion forums