Configuring and creating a web app using IDN

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Configuring and creating a web app using IDN

Unread post by Santeri » 2019-9-14 19:28

I updated an old website and moved it under internationalized domain name (IDN). The domain name is lisäämyyntiä.com which is in punycode format Both work fine as you can see. refused to create an SSL certificate unless the domain name was given in punycode format:

Code: Select all --issue -d -d
In the website headers, Facebook OpenGraph had troubles with IDN and required punycode to work:

Code: Select all

<meta property="og:url" content="">
<meta property="og:image" content="ää-myyntiä-ultra-lean-business/og-facebook.png">
Twitter and the rest of the meta tags had no problems with IDN. I used IDN even in the canonical meta tag and I look forward to observing will the site rank better thanks to the most important search words being present in the domain name using Scandinavian letters.

Here is an announcement of the new website and app in Finnish

Päivitin Antti Leijalan ja UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd:n verkkosivun uuden brändin mukaiseksi ja tein siitä samalla mobiilisovelluksen. Tervemenoa, jos kaipaat lisää myyntiä.

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