List of World of Tanks Modern Armour (Console) Bot Names

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Bots are easy to detect in World of Tanks Modern Armour (Console: xbox, ps4, ps5) as they are often moving erratically, trying to drive to houses, bumbing at each other or to a rock, or just wiggle back and forth like a player who can't decide where to go next. If you try to friend or report a bot, there is no such option so you can easily uncover them. List of World of Tanks Modern Armour (Console) Bot Names Here is a list of common bot names in World of Tanks Modern Armour (Console) game I have come across so far in the order I have discovered them:
  1. grassfedb33f
  2. JustAddShells
  3. WomboBombo
  4. YouAfraidM8
  5. Nunki_Monkey
  6. MyTeamsMVP
  7. PotatoFarmer
  8. BaditudeBandit
  9. slacksonjackson
  10. BringrOfCheez
  11. BroodingBanshee
  12. DespairEngine
  13. Instant_Cobra
  14. NbodyKnowslmADog
  15. SmeIlypocalypse
  16. Weezin
  17. KillThief_O
  18. TierXWeirdo
  19. StayOnTarget
  20. Jack19Attack90
  21. Ironclad2014
  22. HughMan
  23. TracksFellOff
  24. SrslyBadDude
  25. ChicagoBaltimore
  26. BodegaCAT
  27. totalmisfit1
  28. GoodTankVibes
  29. CmdrSklIlz
  30. Pizza4Geoff
  31. HeroicWanderer
  32. PixieSnows
  33. Nidorak
  34. GigoloSniper69
  35. Konchan84

Bots appear to be present in both co-op and multiplayer modes. Have you spotted any other bots?

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