Cruise Lines crew doesn't get auto-gratuities or prepaid tips

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Unread post by CabinAttendant » 2024-6-2 07:09

Cruise lines lie that tips go to the employees. However, this is not the case. I didn't see any the money as all goes to the cruise lines. I have been working in several major cruise lines for over a decade and I am utterly disgusted about how they cheat customers to pay them extra instead of honestly giving the money to the crew who deserves it.

Gratuities given him by customers are used to increase my salary, but they reduce the amount of money my employer gives me. A generous customer who gives me a $50 tip would simply reduce my salary by the same amount, and not increased the total money I receive. If you tipped less, I would not receive any less. Cruise Lines crew doesn't get auto-gratuities or prepaid tips Please understand that the employees do not benefit from tips. This is why your should remove auto-gratuities and tip employees directly so that nobody sees you tipping them or they will have to give the money away. Here is an honest video talking about the issue.

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Unread post by Santeri » 2024-6-8 10:25

Thanks for sharing. I'm just wondering are Celebrity Cruises slave ships just like cruise lines are the modern pirates of Caribbean?
Are Celebrity Cruises slave ships? How about the other cruise lines? Same same?