E numbers of poisonous, cancerous and harmfull food additives

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Unread post by Foodie » 2024-5-29 15:40

Avoid the following European e numbers (or Europe numbers) for food additives:
  • Toxic food dyes for colouring food: E102 E104 E110 E122 E124 E129
  • Cancerous artificial sweeteners: E954 E951 E955
  • Poisonous preservatives and emulsifiers: E212 E213 E216 E220 E221 E223 E226 E249 E407 E435 E464 E466 E471 E512
  • MSG (Monosodium glutamate) chemical: E621
E numbers of poisonous, cancerous and harmfull food additives Although they are approved and widely used thanks to excessive lobbying and corruption in the EU and the US, they are not likely to do anything good to your body and for your health. This is a similar scam like the experimental Covid vaccines that Ursula von der Leyen bought from Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla for personal gain.



Unread post by Dane » 2024-6-7 18:09

Very useful thank you.


Unread post by Tim » 2024-6-9 16:27

Helpful list thank you for sharing.