SOLVED: PayPal error "We’re having trouble making sure it’s you"

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Unread post by Santeri » 2024-6-21 06:36

Are you getting the following error message
PayPal wrote:We’re having trouble making sure it’s you
when you are trying to login to PayPal? Have you changed your account settings recently? Here is a working solution to the error.
SOLVED: PayPal error We’re having trouble making sure it’s youThis error can occur for example after you change your password, phone number or authentication settings. There appears to be a security delay or some kind of manual or automatic check that is performed asynchronously, and after the task has been performed you will be able to login again. Just don't take any steps, panic or contact PayPal, because that will only complicate things. Wait for 4-48 hours, keep trying again and eventually it will work. This solution has been tested with several PayPal accounts in different countries and so far it has never failed.

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Unread post by ByeByePal » 2024-6-21 10:29

Could be also a bug because this started recently, but your fix worked but I doubt they would ever admit if there was a bug. For me it took 2 hours.


Unread post by Tod » 2024-6-23 14:30

72 hours but I contacted support.


Unread post by BigG » 2024-6-24 05:42

Took for me 23 hours. Gonna ditch Paypal. Can't trust them.


Unread post by Josh » 2024-6-27 05:39

PayPal is broken. Don't use it or you might lose your money.