ISSUE: MacOS Empty Trash Bin Fails If Photo Library Is Deleted

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Unread post by Santeri » 2024-4-17 11:16

If you have deleted Photos Library using Finder and it was placed in Trash bin, the Photoslibrary keeps appearing to your trash bin after you empty it. Also, when you empty trash bin it does not finish properly and emptying the trash bin takes forever. You will see this dialogue for a long time: MacOS Empty Trash Fail If Deleting Photo Library, emptying the trash bin takes forever To fix the problem, you need to use console and first move the Photos Library out of the trash bin:

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mv .Trash/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary .
After that you can delete it permanently without involving broken trash bin:

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rm -rf Photos\ Library.photoslibrary
To finish the fix, boot your computer. There might be also some other system files that get your trash bin stuck. You can check them from .Trash directory located in your home directory:

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ls -la ~/.Trash
The bug is in the graphical user interface and therefore it can not be fixed without using console and command line. This issue is present at least in MacOS Ventura (13) and Sonoma (14).

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Unread post by MacuserX » 2024-4-18 15:43

Not working in my MacBook. I got it deleted but later it appeared back. Strange it has not been fixed.


Unread post by Jeanie » 2024-4-28 10:19

Worked thank you.


Unread post by Jaska » 2024-5-15 13:56

As long as you don't touch photos app after that fix it is all good.