iOS update 17.2.1 battery drain on iPhone 13 PRO MAX

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Unread post by Santeri » 2024-1-16 12:21

After updating Apple iPhone 13 PRO MAX from from 16.7.2 to 17.2.1, the following things happened to the battery of the device in 1 week:
  • Battery is draining 2.2 times faster than before.
  • Battery health was before the update 98%. It had dropped 2% in 2 years. Within 1 week after the update, battery health dropped from 98% to 96%.
iOS update 17.2.1 battery drain on iPhone 13 PRO MAX Charging patters, charger, the ways if was used, settings and installed apps remained the same. The only variable was the iOS version.

I have read reports that battery drain has improved on iPhone 15. This makes me wonder is Apple trying to push the sales of newer models by killing the batteries of the older models. On the positive note, recent iOS updates have behaved better obeying settings and not forcing themself like in some earlier iOS versions.
The majority of Apple users appear to be sheeps and idiots Apple forums and iOS reddit are still heavily censored sweeping all update issues under the carpet making them waste of time.