Free automated remote backup for GoDaddy, save $36/y

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Unread post by Santeri » 2020-1-1 07:46

GoDaddy is pushing their paid Backup Service by jamming shared hosting accounts using resource limits. To avoid this, here is a simple script you can run from CRON for making your website and hosting backups automatically.

The script is using cPanel uapi which bypasses resource limits. It makes a full cPanel backup and transfers it to a remote server using SCP. If the backup fails, you will get an error message from cron. Replace the configs written in CAPITALS before running the script.

Code: Select all



_response=$(uapi Backup fullbackup_to_scp_with_password host="$_host" port=22 username="$_username" password="$_password" directory="~%2F$_remotedir" 2> /dev/null)

error_response="status: 0"

if test "${_response#*$error_response}" != "$_response"; then
  echo "Error in running: $_response"
  exit 1
Thi script does full backup to scp with password. Other UAPI options are remote backup using ftp, backup to homedir, and backup over scp with key.

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