Pebblehost premium hosting automatic backups are broken

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Unread post by Santeri » 2024-4-27 10:02

Pebblehost has an automatic backup service for those who choose to pay for Premium Minecraft Hosting. It is taking daily backups of the server content which can be 1) downloaded or 2) restored to the server. Backup file format is a gzipped tar (.tgz). As you can see from the screenshot below, manual backup size is over 4 times bigger than the smallest automatic backup sizes. Pebblehost premium hosting automatic backups are broken This means that the automatic backups must be either corrupt or missing some files. In either case it means that automatic backups are not working as they should. If you ever have to restore your system from automatic backups, you are not likely to get a fully functional system. As a workaround, you can take your server offline and make a manual backup instead. And if you want to transfer your files away, take the server again offline and use FTP to get your files. In both cases paying for premium hosting only for the sake of free automated backups is waste of money. If you don't have premium hosting and need backups, prepare to be ripped off and blackmailed.

I have tested the manual image and it unpacked properly and appeared to contain everything necessary. I did not try to restore to a live server. If you have tried, please share with me how it worked, thanks.

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