Superstar blogging affiliate program by Nomadic Matt

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Unread post by Santeri » 2018-5-30 13:30

Nomadic Matt has created a brilliant Affiliate Program for travel bloggers selling online travel blogging courses while his affiliate website provides dofollow backlinks in exchange for money. Some of the affiliate links use a different address. Part of the link juice is 301 redirected from to The domain registration information of both domains is hidden.
Superstar blogging affiliate program by Nomadic Matt Here is a SEO article explaining why private blog networks are a great way to get your site penalized. Make sure to read it before signing up. The Mini Millionaire was the only honest travel blogger I found sharing his critical views. He had resigned the network and asked his money back.

Some of the members in September 2017
  2. ... avel-blog/
  3. ... adic-matt/
  4. ... avel-blog/
  6. ... rt-a-blog/
  9. ... se-review/
  10. ... aphy-tips/
  11. ... ng-course/
  12. ... g-courses/
  13. ... the-world/
  16. ... known.html
  19. ... l-blogger/
  21. ... e-blogs-2/
  22. ... e-started/
  23. ... ng-course/
  24. ... -blogging/
  25. ... avel-blog/
  26. ... ng-course/
  27. ... -blogging/
  29. ... s-for-you/
  30. ... l-blogger/
This list is not exhaustive, just an example. URL parameters of the affiliate links include the following string: "/ref/[IDNUMBER]/". If the IDNUMBER is indeed sequential, there are over one hundred websites participating in the network. Feel free to add any websites you discover as replies to this post. Most of this search engine spam is written to look like unbiased "reviews" or "recommendations". On top of the link exchange, participatns are writing reviews and endorsements to each other and rank each others blogs creating funny lists of top travel blogs.

The value proposal is selling financial freedom through successful travel blogging on the road which is achieved by following the shining example of Nomadic Matt himself. What the website and courses forgets to teach is the secrets of successfully spamming search engines using private blog network affilicate program to boost the search ranking; and capitalising the ranking by selling affiliate links to highly questionable companies such as World Nomads who is peddling "nomadic" travel insurance.

For the sake of fairness, Matt is not the only one. Here is another probable private blog network I uncovered while investigating Matt's scheme: Their IDs are well over 200 suggesting even bigger network than Matt's and so far the members do not appear to have been penalised by the search engines... yet.

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Unread post by EdwardInoma » 2019-3-24 10:47

Thats what everyone has been telling me as well, I look forward to meeting new people and putting my 2 cents in lol


Unread post by Guest » 2021-6-29 16:19

That nomadic Matt guy seems to think that being a search engine spammer makes him a digital nomad. What a loser, and everyone who has joined his scheme and paid him for that.


Unread post by Per » 2024-1-20 17:25

That guy is a jerk. Shared to all my travel blogger friends.